Twisted by. K.A. Robinson



4 I am still twisted stars

This book was an emotional, trying, brilliant, read…

After recently reading Torn I was excited to get Twisted !

I needed this dose of Drake yet, I want to knock him in the head after reading this book. I understand addiction, I understand jumping to conclusions, but where the author got me again was the addition of Jordan in this story.

I got my Chloe back who someone can get herself into some pretty strange situations. She’s hot, sweet, quirky and downright everything that bad-boy Drake needs in his life.

My problem with this book is Jordan…Like, Logan I found him incredibly boring, an idiot, with an over sized ego. I felt like he was a lot like Logan and while he may be a good friend I cannot fault Drake for making assumptions. I liked the addition of Kadi yet I thought that the author spent to much time on the Jordan story and not enough on Drake and Chloe. I wish that she would have also focused more on the relationship between Andrea and Chloe more and I am not sure I liked the situation with Chloe’s mother. That was a bit extreme.

Overall..I loved the book and story and while I had problems with portions of the book that does not mean that K.A. Robinson did not light my fire with this book.

Go Read it and Torn!


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