Cool Beans – Erynn Mangum



Cool Beans by Erynn Mangum

Urban Dictionary defines the term “Cool Beans” as an expression meaning something is cool, awesome, or tight (not tight like very small, but cool)

While this book was well written and I did give it 3 stars I did not walk away using phrases such as Cool Beans

This book was Cute.. That is the best that I can sum up the review.
I did not love it but I did not hate it. In the end the book held no suprises and ended exactly as I thought that it would.
I think that is the thing with Chick Lit and Christian Romance mixed a lot of them have no surprises and they are very similar in context. I think the difference this book had was coffee and relationships that were unbreakable. It was a good book but, definitely for the younger crowd.


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