Heaven by V.C. Andrews



As a Young Girl I think “Flowers in the Attic” was my first “Big Girl” book! I fell in love with V.C. Andrews and the ability to tell a story. I think at some point in my life I had read every single series that was penned in the name V.C. Andrews until I picked up Heaven.

I had not read this story before and I have to say that I was impressed. Should I be? One cannot answer that with tales of incest, child abuse, and horror I have no idea what intrigues me in these books or anything that has been written under the name of V.C. Andrews.

I read somewhere that Heaven was based on a True Story yet I only hope that not all of it was true because there were parts of this book that were truly alarming. This book is the story of Heaven who is a mother (in certain ways) to her brothers and sisters until they are all sold off. None of the rest got to pick the families but Heaven chose Kitty and Cal. Little did she know Kitty had a vendetta and what she thought was a bad life before may turn a little worse.

As we see Heaven grow from child to woman it is amazing to experience everything that she goes through. This book is well written and I liked the trashy book because it made me feel young again. V.C Andrews is the woman who turned me into the reader I am today and I think that anyone who wants to read a book with true emotions and crazy twists and turns then go right ahead and pick up Heaven!


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