Kristen Ashley’s Rock Chick Series

This was my first series by Kristen Ashley and I have to say that I was shocked that I had not read anything by her in the past. Why do you say.. After reading these book I was seriously .. Ready to read more and more and more and more… Parts of these books reminded me of the Stephanie Plum Series but with a whole bunch more hot guys and rock chicks.

Rock Chick Series:

Book #1: Rock Chick –  Indy and Lee — 5 Stars

While the only thing this has to do with music, rock, rock stars, is a few brief references during the book I can say this book was HOT and the first page hooked me!

Meet Indy


She is not your typical businessperson she is every man (well it seems) rock chick dream. She owns a book/coffee shop she inherited when her gram died and has the craziest group of employees ever. Including Rosie, who gets her involved in a great bigMess. Who walks in to save the day? Only, the person she has been in love with since she was five years old.

Meet Lee:


I love the story and all of the characters involved. Yes, the book was long but, come on this author told the story of three kidnappings, a few murders, some great sex, and a little bit more.

This book had me:
Laughing Out Loud 


Book #2: Rock Chick Rescue — Jet and Eddie – 5 Stars

I had heard such good things about Kristen Ashley and when I read Rock Chick I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved the book..This one was just like the first. I loved the characters (especially the returning characters like Indy, Ally, and Tex.. (don’t forget the Lee and his boys) and Hank and Eddie. I loved Eddie in the first book and sort of kind of felt a little sorry for him. Now I loved how him and Jet worked out although there were a few times when I really wanted to reach into my Kindle and

when she got really annoying and all. In the end it all worked out I can’t wait to read more of this series and more Kristen Ashley books!

Book #3: Rock Chick Redemption – Roxie and Hank

5 My favorite Rock Star Book Yet 

“It looked like GQ was having a convention and all the best looking guys had decided to have a coffee at Fortnum’s before going to seminars on how to cope with being really, unbelivably, fucking gorgeous” 

When Roxie walked into Fortnum’s to see her Uncle she sees nothing but a table of hot sexy GQ models and among them is Hank and his Whisky colored eyes.

Hank does not take no for an answer and even though Roxie is dealing with her skeletons in her closet. Hank is going to help pull them out and make her fall in love.

Book #4: Rock Chick Renegade – Juliet (Jules) and Vance 4 Stars

YAY! I love my Rock Chicks andmy bad boys.
I loved Jules and Vance and this book was as funny as the rest and really draws me in. I promise you that Rock Chicks is one of my very best stories ever. Oh how, I love these bad ass boys and I love the story. Can’t wait to read Luke’s story I have been hearing good things 🙂

Book #5: Rock Chick Revenge -Ava and Luke

5 Things I love about this book.

1.) Kristen Ashley never lets me down. She plays with my emotions in all the right ways.
2.) The fact that Luke liked Ava when she was Fatty, Fatty, Four Eyes
3.) That for once the Bad Boy Brigade was wrong (I am sorry it was funny as hell).
4.) Luke
5.) Luke

Ava hates men. Sworn them off but she has always loved good ole’ Luke.

I am so glad he finally got him some because I always felt he deserved it. I love Luke.. Now the only thing I can’t get over is that he has a mustache. I do not like it and have images of McGyver in my head. Take it off. Shave it. Throw it in the trash.. I don’t know why it played with my head when I read that description of him… I just can’t see it..Please Kristen Ashley delete the mustache even if someone thinks it is hot.

Book #6: Rock Chick Reckoning – Stella and Mace – 5 Stars

Oh me Oh My!

I love love love love this series.

“I can’t be the star in your sky when you’re the only star left shining in mine.” – Kai “Mace” Mason

I soo need me a Mace in my life. I am torn between who my favorite Hot Bunch member is and who my favorite Rock Chick is. I love them all. I love this series and everything that happens within it. It is funny as hell and keeps me laughing and crying for hours. Kristen Ashley is abso”freakin”lutely Amazing. I think this book is my favorite so far because it allowed us to see the POV of the other rock chicks while the story was happening. They are all so different but so much alike and I adore me some freakin Rock Chicks.

Book #7: Rock Chick Regret – Sadie and Hector – 5 Stars

What an amazing read!
I loved me some Hector and I am so sad that Book 8 is the last in this series!
I loved Hector actually I fell in love with Sadie and I loved reading about her multiple personalities. I love how Kristen Ashley can make me giggle like no other while reading her stories. She is an amazing author who makes me realize why I love to read.

Book #8: Rock Chick Revolution – Ally and Ren – 5 Stars

After finishing this book this is how I feel…

I don’t want it to be done!
I don’t want it to end!
I want my Rock Chicks BACK like now!

I have to say that while reading this book I realized I hated it but not for the reason most people do but because it was over and it was the last time I was going to get to read about my Rock Chicks, Daisy, Shirleen, and all of the Hot Bunch and Smithie. I could go on for days because all of the characters were amazing and I loved this series. Ally was my favorite throughout the book and I like that she picked someone outside of the Hot Bunch because the other ones fit so neatly with there man. I loved loved loved this book and want to know where Kristen Ashley has been all of my life!



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