V.C. Andrews — Dollanganger Series


Book #1: Flowers in the Attic — 5 Stars

Book #2: Petals on the Wind — 4 Stars

Book #3: If There be Thorns — 3 Stars

Book #4: Seeds of Yesterday — 3 Stars

Book #5: Garden of Shadows — 4 Stars

Series Total — 3.8 Stars

♥♥♥ . 8


Flowers in the Attic

I remember reading this as a teenager and thinking the book was amazing. Recently Lifetime, released the movie and I watched it thinking there was definitely somethings missing from the movie. After re-reading this book I can honestly say the movie does NOT do the book justice. I was actually upset of everything that it missed. I loved this book and while I do not particularly think that incest is cool or anything like that I liked the book and how it progressed. I went out and bought the rest of the series because I want to re-read V.C. Andrews masterpiece.

Petals on the Wind

Oh how this book gets me every single time. This story really takes me to another place because I remember this series being one of the first “adult” books that I read as a teenager. It is amazing reading this and as much as I do not want to love the characters and the things that they do I found myself really loving them and really wanting to dig deeper into the story.

If There Be Thorns

I remember reading this book as a young child and I remember liking it a whole lot more then I did this time.

I loved Cathy and Chris but, I do not understand them at all I guess I am one of those people who just do not get it.

Also something that bothers me…If the mother was released to the public wouldn’t they have called Cathy or Chris and I also thought she was not the one to inherit in the last book. So how did she afford so much.

I may be wrong but somethings just did not add up maybe because I was looking for clues that were never seen before or maybe because I am a little older and a little wiser 🙂

Seeds of Yesterday

This is probably my least favorite book in the series.
While I understand Bart’s personality I still cannot get the fact that he did not grow out of his jealousy the way I thought he would when he almost lost his mother in the last book.

This was not bad it just was not my favorite in the series. I do love the Dollanganger series and I love how V.C. Andrews shaped the mold with the first story in the series. I just do not feel that any of the rest could meet the brilliancy of Flowers in the Attic

Garden of Shadows

I love Olivia’s story and it has been a long time ago since I read this book. Now, I wonder why it is number 5.
I guess it is so that you can learn to hate Olivia throughout the book. As I read the series again I had forgotten the big secret and was floored because I had forgotten it to this point.
This book was amazing I loved all the characters and I loved reading about Olivia and Malcolm. I would recommend this to any V.C. Andrews fan who has read the first four in the Dollanganger series!

Overall Review



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