Fangirling All The Way — Penelope Ward


 Gemini, Jake Undone, My Skylar, and Jake Understood

Author Penelope Ward Stands above the rest 🙂


10 Star Author

This Author is my inspiration to do Everything and Anything that I feel that I am capable of. Penelope Ward has amazed me in her writing skills but also in the way that she treats her fans. Not once have I seen this woman say a mean or harsh word to anyone and I have to tell you I absolutely love her.

When I first got Gemini for Free and read the book during a Buddy Read I was not expecting much. Hell, the Book was free. I cried the entire time I was reading it. Then onto Jake Undone..It was brilliant and I loved reading Jake’s POV. Now as I move into the unknown I switch characters and read about My Skylar…Oh my Goodness another brilliant read and while Gemini is still my favorite each one is brilliant. I am still unsure whether Jake or Mitch is my Book Boyfriend.

So go out there and read this brilliant author because Like it or Not she has a way with words that can take you down that emotional roller coaster you have never ridden before.




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