Manic Monday — My mania for the day

Why is it that when you have to go to work it is 100 degrees and Sunny outside but when it is the weekend it is chilly, rainy, and a little nasty outdoors.

I wanted to go swimming and get some sun on these pasty whites of  mine but, NOOOOO.  I had stuff to do on Saturday and was stuck not being able to swim until like 6 and when I got in it felt sort of like this:

No really, not that bad. It was just COLD… Well Anyways I spent a lot of quality time with the hubs, the ma an pa, the mush-mush, and a few new peeps that we have added to our bubble.. Anyways back to the weather it annoys the heck out of me because today I walk outside the sun is shining and it would be a great day to jump in the pool. Oh Please! Let me get some swimming in this weekend :0



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