Persuasion by Jane Austen



First I would like to give Props where they are due: Public Bookshelf offered me the chance to read this book for free online with no download. Check it out there are quite a few books on there, no cost, no download, and when they won’t let you have an e-reader at work it is a good way to still be able to read some of your favorites..

I have never read Persuasion and to be quite honest I do not think that I would ever want to read the book again. It was not bad but I guess after just finishing my Philosophy class yesterday I was sort of brainwashed by all the Philospophers that I felt as though I was reading a required school book and all of it was mumble jumble to me .. It was not bad it was just that I was really really bored throughout the story.

I know this is a classic which is one of the reasons it got 3 stars from me.


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