The Rose Hotel



So, at first I was thinking more like two stars but after learning that The Rose Hotel was the authors real life journey I felt compelled to give it an additional star. Also, the author can write a story. By the time that I got a little over halfway thru the book I was wishing for the book to end. I felt like the events were amazing and seeing the struggle and the shame of the family was remarkable. When I was reading how deep the dialogue was in the story I felt like there were times that I felt like the author gave too much detail which caused me not to be able to place myself in the story as I wanted to. I think that the struggle themselves were heartbreaking and although I found myself torn about this book I will say that I hope and pray that the author knows that her story is a good one no matter what the rating of the book is.  I think that there were other portions of the book that bothered me but then I had to see the story through the authors eyes and that somehow changed my point of view. So I am going to leave this at 3 stars and move on from here with a new eye-opening experience in the life of this author.


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