Fast Reads — Under 25 Pages in an Hour

This is my new challenge to myself tonight since I have an hour to kill and don’t want to get into a new book right this second so here we go for one hour I will write and review short stories hopefully cleaning some off of my Kindle…

Book 1:

The Drama The Street And The Seduction by Deatri King-Bey – 1 star

Okay, weird as hell is all I can say. It seemed to be about a guy going to prison. A girl who waited for him but had to face some mess and he saved her from it when he got home. I think that the author did attempt to tell a story but I did not get much from it. Super Excited this one is now off the Kindle.

The Call by Merrill Gemus – 1 Star

I am still trying to figure out what it was that I read. I thought when I first saw The call that there was more to this call. But by the time that we got to the call the story was over. i am not rating this on errors I am rating it solely on the fact that there was no story to the story.

The Claim by Adam Thorn  – 3 Stars

I would have not given this 3 stars if i did not know it was written by a man. Adam Thorn can write and I can only imagine his pain writing this story. It was cute and strange at times. Definitely a 3 star read.. Still trying to figure out why it was pulled off Amazon though.








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