Taken — Box Set 1-6 Donald Wells


Taken Consists of Stories 1-6.. I will rate each story with a Star Level and then choose on the rating for the entire set…

Book 1: Taken

It was pure luck that he found her, or maybe it was fate. Yes, it was fate. He was a big believer in fate. In any event, he knew he found “The One” the second he saw her.

Okay, so I am confused as hell after reading the first Book in the series. I really really am intrigued but still very confused.. There is Karen, Jessica, Him (yes, this is the only name I have) and I have no idea who else present in the first book of this set. I can’t say if I love it or hate it all i can say is I am intrigued and want more. 

Book 2: Youngblood!

Okay Book 2 was MUCH Better! I understood what took place in the story and I actually liked it. I am beginning to like Mr. and Mrs. White but I still feel that I am missing something that is going to appear in one of these books. I really really was shocked when the killer was revealed but I am still questioning the husband of Mrs. White!

Book 3: Regret!

Okay so as much as I thought I was intrigued now I am saying….

This ish is getting REAL! What in the world is going on and WOW.. Probably my favorite so far for real. This is CRAZY.

Book 4: Mirror Image!

Okay I am going to stop right here! I should have known by title but, rarely do I come to a point in a book where I feel an immediate need to blog or review a portion of the book. This is like

Okay back to the book! Holy moly stuff just got real. Donald Wells has taken me on a Roller Coaster Ride

Book 5: Young Love

The beginning of the story and how Mr. and Mrs. White fell in love. 

Book 6: Red! White! and Blue!

Okay this story was intense for real. I enjoyed it so much and I actually am thinking of buying the next set of books in the series. This book will take you thru highs and lows. There are times where you will want to hate the author, the characters, and everything about this book. But I will say that I am going to give this set a big FAT 5 star rating! and I got it for Free!


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