A Few More Shorts…

Find Me, Keep Me by Norah C. Peters – 3 Stars

First the story is in need of an editor.. For example.. Us successfully single healer girls…. Just a thought. Other than that the story was short sweet and predictable.  Nothing special but it was a good story line. I liked the characters and the relationships that they built I just felt like everything that happened was something that I would normally read in a contemporary piece.


The Emperor’s Last Parade by Fernando Juan Cao – 5 Stars

This is an excellent retelling of The Emperor’s New Clothes. I loved loved loved it. The author did a brilliant job of retelling the old classic and the illustrations were brilliant. There is not much more to say except a child’s eyes is a wise eyes so pay attention to what they say.

All Things Bleak and Beautiful by Laura Leigh – 2 Stars

Okay so this story is about a girl with a mental disorder I think who sleeps with her therapist who was hired to cure her of her fear of elevators. I am giving this book 2 stars because  I still have no idea what in the world I just read. It is not about the grammatical errors it is the fact that the entire story is about a girl who is confused which confused me. The problem was there was no resolution except for some tears on a pillow. Just was not the book for me.

The Newcomer by Annabelle Gòmez – 2 Stars

Okay besides the fact that the book was in need of some serious editing. I could not tell what was going on because of the dialogue was so weird I am giving this 2 stars because A.) I finished it B.) Somewhere in side of here is a story that I think would be good if I could have understood what was going on and C.) Just because it was not so horrible it deserved a 1.

Black Ice by Deep Pink – 1 Star

Unselfconciously – When I write this word I get a squiggly red line under it showing me that it is NOT a word. Therefore when writing a book one should not use this word in the book unless they state the meaning of said Made up Word.  I could not do it.. I could not get past the 2nd Page. I am rating this solely on the 1 star because I think that I read enough to understand that this was not for me.

Alluring Desire by Laura White – 4 Stars

So this was a cute story and pretty hawt. There were a few errors in the book but not enough to make me want to stop reading it. I found myself really enjoying how Laura White tells a story and I think that my only feedback is the hope that the next story she writes is longer. Highly enjoyable read.

More Than Friends by l. Marie – 2 stars

One thing I hate is an 8 page free story that the next 8 pages will be $2.99 etc. and by the time you finish you have paid $12.00 for a total of 99 pages. Okay exaggeration and I do not know if that is what the author is trying to do but first off the story started out good besides a few mistakes but what got me was there was no completion to the story. Please do NOT push publish on an 8 page story with absolutely no resolution at all. I am giving this 2 stars only because of the potential and I did not hate it I only hate the fact that we have nothing to rate but 8 short pages.



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