Thursday Rush — Under 25 Pages

Okay it is Thursday. The day before the 4th of July where that we will celebrate our independence and the fact that we are a FREE country.


So I am going to independently read books under 25-30 Pages today and review them.

Eight Hundred Dollar Heels by  Kenny Wright – 4 Stars

Okay first off the MC is a complete B**** who is rude and judgemental. And just the sentence “She had been with her husband a while but never strayed” made me hate her even more. 

But although this B**** is crazy and possibly stupid I still like her and the story.  Holy moly she isn’t the B**** I thought she was.. Cool Story Great Ending and I love the surprise in the story.  I love it when an author can shock me in such a little amount of time.

The Erotic Writer: Fifty Shades Nastier by Burt Maverick — UMMM!! 1 Star

When a book starts and in the first sentence the wrong word is used.. I always thank to myself Here we go…

Okay I very rarely rate a book I DNF but I am so lost here that I feel the need to go ahead and do it. First you ask how do I DNF a 17 page story? Well I made it to page 3 and when the book said..

Before she can answer, he is typing her ass over the edge of a table in the room… What in the world?? I was done.. Finished.. The whole things was weird and I just could not read anymore.

Of Dogs and Dukes by RJ Steele – 2 Stars

So I could never fall in love with the characters although I did like nana. I did like Mrs. Biggles and thought it was funny as heck when she tore the hole in Simon’s coat. I gave the book 2 stars because the initial meeting between Simon and the dogs was funny and actually had me chuckling out loud. As for the story itself it was quite boring and predictable. I never saw the development of the characters and really could not figure out how the whole thing turned into a love story. The relationship with the dogs was a little over the top and truly I thought that two separate stories were going on at the same time.

The Dark Stranger: A Sharon Brown Erotic Romance by  Kathleen Robertson – 1 Star

Okay just plain weird. Enough Said. I liked the book during the prologue and for that alone I give this book 1 star. The book was too short for a prologue. For one, you see someone laying behind your car with blood pouring out of your head. and you pick them up and take them to the hospital.. FOR REAL?


Destiny Entwined by Nadia Lee – 3 Stars

Okay so I have always loved the story of Ariadne and Theseus and I love that Nadia Lee could tell this so erotically. This story was well written and well told. It was good and definitely worth 3 stars. I give it 3 stars because it was so short and there is not much to rate therefore middle of the way for me. I will read more from this author.


Waking up Married in Vegas –

What Will Her Fiance Say? by Ken Rander – 4 stars

So it takes a LOT to make me laugh! I have to tell you as horribly written as this book was and the fact that everyone seemed to love everyone with their whole entire heart I am going to give this book 3 stars based on story-line alone and another star just because I thought that without the grammatical errors that the story would have been great.  This short story has the potential to be so much more!

Pack Justice (Werewolf menage) by  Michelle Fox

First off, Why does almost all Werewolf books have a character named Kane? Second I thought this was a really good erotic little story. Sabrina doesn’t know which Alpha she wants and therefore when they find out about each other they take things to a new level. 3 stars because although it was a good short story I think it would have been better with a little more substance and character development.

My Husband & My Wifey by  Desiree Day – 4 Stars

Barett’s husband can have anything he wants from her. I would have rated this book 5 stars but the ending SUCKED big time. This short story was well written and was actually very enjoyable.I liked it alot but I did not like how things ended at all. I mean come on for real??? It felt as though I was all hyped up and then.. Poof.. What in the world. Good Book and would definitely suggest this book to anyone who wants a good menage/erotica.

Three Men and a Tiny Lady by Tori Kiss -4 Stars

Wow! I was really shocked with this one. It is about a Christmas Elf who wants pounding and has not had one in over 50 years. Funny, thing is I did not read the description of the book and had no idea it was supposed to be about a Christmas Elf. It was funny and the author did a great job telling an erotic story. You did not need character development for this story and you had just enough to keep you going. I liked the book and I liked the story only thing missing was a good editor.

Moving Mrs. Mitchell by  Kenny Wright – 5 Stars

First things first. This was written by a man but I would never guess this. This story was raw and real and the descriptions were amazing. Paul and Brandon wanted Mrs. Mitchell so the day they helped her move they helped her move on with her life. This book was descriptive and rawI do not rate many short stories as 5 stars but I will this one. Great job Kenny Wright. Excellent Read.






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