Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley



What What! This book was in the words of Shy .. “Abso-fucking-lutely.” Awesome!

This is the story of Shy and Tabby. (If you have not read The Dream Man Series)

Go Read it and come back to this review (Unless of course you have already read the book and then it is tooo late) So anyways go read The Dream Man Series anyway and the Rock Chick Series and the rest of Kristen Ashley’s books because I am telling you that she is amazing… Look I have no reason to lie to you so go on do it NOW.

So about the book. If you have not read The Dream Man series you did not know that Tabby was the daughter of Tack — You remember the Ty-Ty story and that Shy was a new recruit for Chaos then.. Well this book happens years laters.. First off, I loved that Shy is a kick-ass biker and I love that Tabby is a hard-headed biotch ready to rumble.

I have no complaints about this book and I still have to say that Kristen Ashley is FREAKIN AWESOME.


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