Saturday Shorts

Working on Still Cleaning this Kindle.  #OPERATIONCLEANTHEKINDLE so I am going to do another round of short stories….

Zoey by Cassandra Zara and Lily Nibs- 3 Stars

First, i want to say that if this if the book had an ending at all I would have probably given it at least 4 stars. I kind of like the idea of the story .. the guy hypnotizes girls to get them to give them the business.. and then he got his high school crush and told her he wanted to plant the seed in her .. This was a little off the wall and a little out of context at the point that we were in the book.. As much as I want a baby I wish it was that easy.

Marrying Mona (LOVESTRUCK, #1) by Mimi Riser – 2 Stars

Okay, this was just plain strange. I am going to give it 2 stars because Angelica was hilarious and made me miss my grandmother a Whole LOT. This was just alright but it was so predictable to be a short story I could not rate it higher. Good Quick Read just not for me.

The Dancer and the Dom by J.A. Bailey – 4 Stars

This story starts off with Emmeline dancing with a vibrator on between her legs.. Wanting to stay with her master .. and then…Well this short story was very well written.. I enjoyed reading about Emmeline and her master. It was a good BDSM story and a quick, enjoyable read. A man dominating a woman who has no idea what she is getting into. 4 stars for sure.

In the Barn (Sibling Lust) by Selena Kitt  – 3 Stars

So an Amish girl watches her brother (well not really her brother) in the barn and then she falls off a ladder. This story was well written but, entirely too short. i think with a little more it would have gotten at least 4 stars I just felt that it was over before it began and I do not think it was even the 23 pages that Amazon says it is. Good Writing.




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