Operation Cleaning the Kindle

Everyone must know that I am a serious One Clicker! I love freebies and my Kindle is overloaded with them. Since I can only afford a little time during the day I post my “Shorties Reviews” as I go….

Gluttony (Five Sins of Faith, #1) by N.R. DeRaj – 4 Stars

Strange that I would give this short read 4 stars but, I have to say that this entire short story about a sister who is seeking revenge after her sister’s death was very interesting. So often in short stories authors fail to have a plot and an ending this one had a shocker as the ending and was NOTHING like I would have expected which added to the surprise factor of the story.

Greed (Five Sins of Faith, #2) by N.R. DeRaj – 3 Stars

Okay I really just giggled.. Tighty Whities.. This is what it reminds me of

I give this book 3 stars only because I knew how the last one ended and did not reference the Gluttony ending once. It was big so I felt that it was going to be part of all of the stories. Now as Jenna finds revenge on the men of the world the stories are still what I would call decent and have a true story within. Nice Writing. I would give it 3.5 stars just for the weird disappointment.

Wrath (Five Sins of Faith, #3)by N.R. DeRaj -4 Stars

Okay, the part that was missing from book 2 is back…. and didn’t the laptop go into the dishwasher.. The things about a series is things need to be consistent especially if small details are not missed because there are so few pages of the stories before the next. Wrath being felt due to Faith’s sisters death she is bound to find revenge for it. N.R. Deraj does a great job of telling a story in such few words and I have thoroughly enjoyed the stories in this series.  Wow! This one was pretty darn good and I would definitely recommend this little series to everyone. I got them all for Free and they are pretty interesting.

Pride (Five Sins of Faith, #4) by N.R. DeRaj – 3 Stars

So, Now I have to take away Stars on the premise that the author totally forgot what they wrote in other books. Please Please if you wish to continue a story then write the books in order and remember the facts because someone like me who reads them in order all in one day will see that there are HUGE mistakes within the books. IE. It initially was enough to keep my sister in school.. Didn’t she say in the first book that her sister earned the money????? The story was still good and I think that the idea of this entire series is great. Now on to number 5.

Lust (Five Sins of Faith, #5) by N.R. DeRaj – 2 Stars

It is seriously like every other book in this series has the correct details in it and does not jump around and forget the plot or certain important details within the book. Also direct quote in the story “It wasn’t that I was a sex freak, but she hadn’t expected him to be that small.” Is it first person or third here? Come on please use an editor before hitting publish.  And in the other books they used condoms but stuff still happened. While I love the series I think that the “portion” of the stories that had her revenge in them were not all that great and truly annoyed me. While the stories were good and I even felt like the author did a great job of portraying the five sins. This one ended a little rough therefore the lowest star of all.

All The World Stopped Tonight by Tamela Miles – 2 Stars

When her brother offered her as payment to Ash, Delilah was nothing short of pissed.  But then when things begin to change between the two of them it is presented awkwardly and the story jumps around too much. The whole “friends” thing I missed. In the beginning it appeared that Delilah did not know him but about 3 pages in they were old friends. Just odd if you ask me. I thought that there was going to be more to this short story but I guess I was wrong.

Falling For Her Fake Boyfriend by Ann King – 1 Star

Okay phrases such as They were going to have sexual intercourse should not be in a erotic novella. Okay first and foremost this story was funny because the sexual descriptions were so horrible. For real, if any of that stuff was really said during sex for the first time I would probably run like hell. For Real. While the story could have been good I think that it lost me because half the time I really just wanted to laugh.

Sinful Desire by Lana Amos – 4 stars

Awkward! But great. The only reason I will not give this book 5 stars is for three reasons. The age difference, the baby, and the fact that it was her uncle. The book was great though and the author can tell a story. It was hawt.

Best Night Ever by Keara Kevay –

OMG! The descriptions in this book are HILARIOUS.. Jordie’s first time with a girl was freakin’

I will forever have that image embedded into my head. When Sapphire wins back stage passes with Jordie .. Little does he know his gay ass may get his some woman. This is the strangest story ever but, this author can WRITE. I think this book gives the meaning Turning a Gay man straight a new definition. I give the author tons of props for going there. I have to say that based on the boldness of the author, the ability to tell a different type of story, and for GOING there. I am going to give this book 5 stars.

Her Special Knight by Lisa Fox – 5 Stars

For a short story this was WELL Written and really enjoyable. My only complaint is that it was too short and the 11 pages were not enough for me. I definitely would have loved to see a full story of Simone and Nic with a whole lot more development, game play, etc.

Keeper of the Keys by Kodilynn Calhoun – 5 Stars

This short story was very cute and I loved it. I thought that the characters were warming the story heartfelt and it was well-written the only thing I wish is that it would have been longer. I think that if the author had written more than it would have been a bestseller because the story touches you like no other. I normally do not like Fae stories but this one was pretty good. Just needed more development and story.








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