Tipsy Tuesday


Here we go again on #OperationCleantheKindle.

I promise you next week it is back to the big long books I just am using my short free time to do get RID of these short books that are just taking up place. Some have been great, others only good, and some I just hated but, I have been having fun.

Lust by Kitty Alba – 5 Stars

Meet Ashley: Okay she has blonde hair not reddish brown but who cares.

She’s hot and wants into Lambda Lamdba Pi, a notorious bisexual security. Her boyfriend is the lead quarterback on the football team but deep down she knows she is bisexual and wants to join the sorority. The pledging session is amazing and this author knows how to write like no other. She told a story, let you get to know the characters, and then really could write some HAWT stuff.  It is short but with just the right amount of Steam.. Kitty Alba is steaming in this 5 star read.

Wrath by Kitty Alba – 5 Stars

Another hawt book by Kitty Alba. Elena dates the football player and when she finds out he is going to the a strip club without her he is livid. Little did he know it was a lesbian strip club so when the president of Lambda Lamdba Pi busts in Jamal is excited because now he can watch his girl get a lap dance little did he know how steamy it was going to be.. Amazing short read i definitely want to read more by Kitty Alba.

Gluttony by Kitty Alba – 4 Stars

I think that every woman alive has some secret desire to eat the ice cream in a house full of bisexual sorority sisters.. or let me rephrase that every man alive and some would enjoy it. So I am giving this one 4 stars for one reason only the sex was great but the Kitty you forgot to finish the story. What about the mystery man. I promise if I finish this series and it is in there I will come back and give this a 5 star.





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