Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley


4.5 Flames.

I am so mad because I think one of the hardest things I have ever done is give a Kristen Ashley Book less than 5 stars. Give me a minute and I will go into why I did something like this. It bothers me but, I had too and could have probably given it a little less if I wasn’t such a Kristen Ashley Fangirl. (No, I do not follow, stalk, or anything else) I just love her writing and her style.

Now, what I did love… I loved Lanie, I loved Hop, I loved all the other characters.. (ELVIRA Needs a BOOK). I loved that Kristen Ashley brings all the other characters back to life so you sort of kind of find things about them throughout the books. I think that Lanie is an amazing woman who has been through the ringers. The sex was Great! I also could not connect with Lanie the way that I have other characters but, that was not truly a CON because I still loved her and I loved her story.

Now for the half of a star that is missing from this review. Where was the drama..the kidnapping..the something I was seriously upset that there was never a REAL event that took place and I felt like I was missing something throughout the book event the Pimp/Druglord.. Couldn’t we know more.. Maybe just maybe that will be in the next book. Other than that I am truly a KA fangirl and loved me some Chaos.




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