Time to commence


I am bout to throw down on some short stories today and see how many books I can get off this Kindle. I dedicate this Tuesday .. Tipsy Tuesday as I do this my head is Splitting and I need something to ease my brain…


Born Again by PJ Lincoln 3 Stars

#Free on Amazon US. Click the Title!

So these 11 pages are worth reading. It is about some program called LifeSync that can make users friend each other and be able to see the past through the eyes of someone else. Jackson learns something about his wife. Quite Interesting and really gave depth to the story and earned an extra star but then the story ended. Way too short and please if you have an idea please please finish it because there are readers who want to know more. I will definitely read another PJ Lincoln Book in the future. Just not a short story that abruptly ends and I am still trying to click an empty page.

Home Port by Colleen Coover – 1 Star

$0.99 on Amazon US. Click the Title!

First and foremost I stopped reading this book at 45% when I saw the F** word. I hate that word and I hate when it is used in the context it was used in.  No, I do not mean the curse F word but the F word that some people use to describe Gay men. I normally like M/M books but this one I did not like it at all. This is personal and I am not saying you all should not try it. Just was not the book for me.

Magna’s Plea by Cherie Reich – 3 Stars

This book is no longer on Amazon.Com you may want to check other places to see if it is available!

According to Goodreads:  Currently unpublished. An extended novel-length version will be out in a few years as part of a new series set within the world of Amora. This new series is titled The Royal Challenges.

This was not a bad little sneak peak to the rest of the series but to me it was not great either. I will give it 3 stars because it was well written but to me it was just a teaser to buy the rest of the series Reborn. Trouble is read above where I put that an extended novel-length version will be out in a few Years. For real, Why did I waste my time. 3 stars just for the book being well written.

For Love or Money by Britney Beck  – 2 Stars

This book has also been removed from Amazon for some reason.. No notes to why but, I am going to read it anyway.

This book was so typical and so normal that I was completely bored throughout the entire 29 Pages of the story. It is a bout a beautiful girl.. Why can’t it ever be the guy who has to choose between love or money? who has to choose between a rich/handsome man or a Poor not so handsome man. Why can’t we ever have it the other way around why can’t the poor man become handsome or something.. For real, this book was so typical of every other story written like this.

The Glass Dog by A.R. Jarvis – 5 Cute Stars

$0.99 on Amazon US. Click the Title!

I am so giving this 5 stars. It is the story of a glassblower, a wizard, and a pink glass dog named Glassy who has a heck of a bark. There is not much character building besides the fact that the wizard does not like annoyance. I thought this was too funny and I actually liked how it was written. The fact that they were gay was not a big part of the story and therefore I really left the book wanting more. Great book but only 9 pages. You may want to wait to see if it becomes Free again.

Downsized by Ms. Downlow – 3 stars

#Free on Amazon US. Click the Title!

1st page: LMAO at my waxed Kitty.

Okay this is a strange story about a woman who gets hit by the Recession and has to downsize while she is doing so she finds out that she really wants a man who she claims drives her crazy. For Real! The story was good at parts because unlike many short stories it contained a story line. What was strange was some of the phrases that were used like waxed my kitty and sucking on a pickle. I could never get over these. Pretty decent story and worth it because it is Free. Go Check it Out and let me know what you think.

Bride and Seek by Elysabeth Eldering – 4 Stars

$0.99 on Amazon US. Click the Title!

I am giving this short story 4 stars for originality first. I have never in my life. And I am still pretty pissed off by the ending of this story. This was crazy. Down Right Crazy. Did I say Crazy? I want to go up there and remove one star but I can’t because I actually liked that the author went THERE. No, I do not like the ending but I liked that for once a short story had an original ending that really got me. I just want to know why the Hell? Good story!



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