Tiny Thursday

Well here we go again! I am trying to get rid of some of these Short Stories on my Kindle.. And I am finally down to 707. (This does not include those I have not shelved yet). Want to see it become my friend on Goodreads! 


Book 1: Control: Dangerous Desire By Lucia Jordan – 2 Stars

#Free on Amazon. Just Click the Title

So reading this I could tell that Lucia Jordan can write a good book. The trouble is I get terribly irritated with the whole 1st book: Teaser for Free and it is like 12 pages and then you have to buy the next 12 pages for $2.99 a piece. This really drives me batty.. You know like a bat in the sky type of batty. Well you can get the whole entire series for $2.99 on Amazon but it is only 86 pages.

Since I have read the first 12 pages I will NOT be purchasing the rest of this series no matter how good it was. Sorry with all the books I have it just did not add up to be a I have to read the next series type of book. Nicole has some bad luck.. REALLY bad luck… then she gets a DOM..it is great sex but it ends with a telephone call. Nope not good here. I am giving this story 2 stars on the basis that it was well written.

The Wife by F. Poj – 4 Stars

#Free on Amazon. Just Click the Title

I can so understand why this was an award winning short story. It is only like 3 pages long but you are so engrossed in the story when the plot happens it is so big that you are like wow. Not many stories make you want to re-read them right away to see if you missed something but for me this one did. I actually read the entire thing a total of 4 times before writing this review. No, it did not take long! This was well written and once again F. Poj has shocked me with the ability to write a passionate, dramatic, story in such few words.


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