Crush by Chrissy Peebles



If you want the Book it is #Free on Amazon. Just click here: Crush

2 Disappointing Stars.

I hate to say this bout this book because I really had high hopes reading it. So I am going to compare it to Sweet Valley High but not in a good way AT ALL. I loved Sweet Valley High but some of the characters were Clueless just as the Heroine was in this book. I did not like Taylor at all. I thought she was a dimwit with half a brain and wanted to reach through the Kindle and shake her a few times.. Okay I know a little harsh but truthfully this is how I felt. I thought that the book was confusing but it left NOTHING to be desired.

I am not upset that the book needed an editor I am just stating a FACT and that is I did not like this book. I am not going to attack anything about the book because I think Chrissy Peebles knows how to tell a story I just feel like sometimes what we think in our heads in Corny and this is what may have happened with this book. It was strange and weird and I just couldn’t get into it. I give this two stars because I think Chrissy Peebles has great potential, the book was free, and I it did not Suck entirely.


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