Tipsy Tuesday

Operation Clean the Kindle Commences….

And no that title does not mean I am tipsy it means I am bout to tear up some tiny books from my Kindle it is getting crazy up in here so I am going to read some Tiny books and keep you posted on my thoughts.

In the Bedroom with the Rope 1: Tied in Knots  by. Jenna McCormick

$0.99 on Amazon: Click Here 

2 Stars — Only For Trevor

EEEEKKKK I could not do it. The descriptions were horrid. I never felt like I could get to know the characters and was done before I started with this short read. Maybe it was just me. I did like Trevor but he is all I liked and the book ended. It is one of those serial books that you have to keep paying to get the next 60-65 pages I think. Not worth it if you ask me but that is just **The Book Junkie** Talking.

Every Second of the Night by Chloe Glint

$0.99 on Amazon: Click Here

1 Star — Weird as all get out!

Gavin is mysterious..he can’t go out during the night.. so Taylor gives him the key.

 Okay if you like some good (cough…cough…) sex then you might like this book. Notice the book cough cough because I can’t tell you the mystery that you find out on page 1. All 9 pages was just strange and I have to tell you I was sort of kind of glad to be done with it… Not for me!

Stolen Innocence by Elle Jay

$0.99 on Amazon: Click Here

So I feel really bad giving this a low rating but I think that with a 16 page book it is important to get to the plot. By the time I got there I had lost interest in the characters and what was going on the book. Sexual abuse on any child is a hard subject to write about and I applaud Elle Jay for telling this story. 3 stars only because I know if the first 5 pages were not so Boring that I would have probably loved the book.

Touch by Lucia Jordan

Free on Amazon: Click Here

Another short story; that just ends.

I like the concept of the short story. I think that Kelly’s tales of the other woman were quite funny. Especially the old lady who yells but never calls the cops, and princess the cat she inherited. It is just another work/office romance that somehow I totally missed it turned into BDSM. Not quite what I thought. 2 stars for good writing and for a quick read. I probably won’t bother with the rest.

Nobody Can Take My Happy Away by Jessica Arnold

$2.99 on Amazon: Click Here 

Five Star Read.. As the synopsis says a story about bullying written by a child. Jessica Arnold did an excellent job writing this story and the pictures were pretty cute too. I love the message of the story and will definitely be reading this to my nieces and nephews because the message about bullying is powerful.

The Elusive “O” by Renee Rose 

Free on Amazon: Click Here

Okay, There was some spanking in this book..and some spanking.. and oops a hot guy who works for Gentex.. A dinner affair. It was all over the place. Not bad but definitely not my favorite. Too short and I think that there was a good story in there somewhere. It was free so 2 stars is what I can give it.

Today was a Quick Read Day..

#Notagoodone. #OperationCleantheKindle.

Peace and Love

**The Book Junkie**


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