Something Yellow



3 Stars – Not because I did not like the book and not because I loved the book but because this book was pretty darn good. I had a love/hate relationship with the book and truly did not like some of the twists and turns in the book.

Spoiler: The thing with the Coach was pretty weird to me and did not really hold a place in such a suspenseful, real, and true book. I liked Holly but then again for some reason I felt that I would have connected with Rachel a little more. I felt like every time that I felt we were getting anywhere in the book it turned around and the focus was on something or someone else. I do believe that the author was brilliant and had great ideas I guess I could not take those ideas and run with them because there were so many in the book. This was a good solid 3 star read for the book junkie.

~Peace and Love~

~The Book Junkie~


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