The Selection #1 and The Elite #2 by Kiera Cass

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I found myself extremely scared to read this series. I mean like really afraid that I began the series like 4 or 5 times and put it down before I got to the first page. So let’s give you the Pros and Cons of this FIVE star Story.


I absolutly freakin adore America and the fact that she is tenacious and she has seen the hard times.

I love the caste system in this book (No, I do not think people should be ranked by numbers but in this book it made sense)

I loved the characters even the crazy, and obnoxious ones.

I am a Reality Freak and Everyone is Raving that this book was like The Bachelor.


So while I compared this to the Bachelor I felt like it did just that… Left out the good parts. I wanted to actually see the relationships with the other girls because I feel that would have made me understand the relationships that he shared with all of the girls and not just America. I know that there were snips of why they remained but I want to be able to determine if he is a freakin jerk or not. I also did not like the issue of the rebels. I felt like this did nothing but add drama in a different way then actually showing us more about the selection.

That’s all .. Go READ them Now.

Love and Peace ~The Book Junkie~


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