Funky Friday Reads

When I woke up this morning.. I truly did not want to come to work. I felt the need to go back to sleep and stay there for VERY LONG periods of time. Call it depression, call it laziness, call it anything you would like but I wanted to just say sorry I have not been so active.. School and Work have be atrocious.

I am going to clean the Kindle some more.

#OperationCleantheKindle Commences

Forced to Comply by Natasha Stories

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Lauren had a bad week. When she got stopped by Officer Cartwright she didn’t know how her week was going to change.  Okay this short story was pretty darn hawt. Sexy cop, girl gets stopped and Natasha Stories does a heck of a job of telling a story with lots of great parts in a short period of time. I am thinking of buying the rest of the series. 5 Stars

The Preacher’s Son#1: Unbound by Jasinda Wilder

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First things First.. I love when things happen in places called Yazoo.

Okay the preachers son (who is a virgin) gets seduced. Not my cup of tea because I don’t like the whole talk you through sex kinda stories. I felt like I was sitting in a sex ed class that was for people who had no clue. I know some preacher’s kids and I know that they know what sex is. 2 Stars just for the premise.

Sarah’s Chase by Lacey Wolfe

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Okay so Sarah has had it rough. She is 40+ Never had an orgasm and wants 28 year old Chase.. The sex was great. The story was short and good. The only issue was the 28 year old who hangs out at the neighborhood pool. I don’t know this entire portion of the story bothered me because it reminded me of me and my friends when we were only 17 years old. It was just strange. I also had no idea that this was a BDSM and that part of the book did not go well with the story. He walked in her house and immediately demanded her to do something. I am going to give it 3 stars because the story was HOT.

A White Cougar Christmas (Southern Shifters) by Eliza Gayle

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Ummmmm. Really?

After that I have truly decided that I am going to start deleting before reading some of these short stories. It troubles me that people charge money for some of these things. Really they have nothing at all in them.. A writer tries to give a story. Why Publish? I am not sure. This has me #Confused because I am not sure what good it does to a person to publish something that multiple people have marked as bad? Why not spend more time and write something a little more entertaining or in depth.

Love vs. Friendship by Adam Bronson

$2.99 on Amazon: Click Here

Page one : Oskar winning .. Oscar??!!??!!

Page 2: No Way! You are dating with him about two week. Yes, every time we bade each other.

I can’t do it. I can’t get past page 1. Done. Finished. Deleted. Please see my rant above. And they expect someone to pay $2.99 for this. Glad I got it for FREE.


Tipsy Tuesday

Operation Clean the Kindle Commences….

And no that title does not mean I am tipsy it means I am bout to tear up some tiny books from my Kindle it is getting crazy up in here so I am going to read some Tiny books and keep you posted on my thoughts.

In the Bedroom with the Rope 1: Tied in Knots  by. Jenna McCormick

$0.99 on Amazon: Click Here 

2 Stars — Only For Trevor

EEEEKKKK I could not do it. The descriptions were horrid. I never felt like I could get to know the characters and was done before I started with this short read. Maybe it was just me. I did like Trevor but he is all I liked and the book ended. It is one of those serial books that you have to keep paying to get the next 60-65 pages I think. Not worth it if you ask me but that is just **The Book Junkie** Talking.

Every Second of the Night by Chloe Glint

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1 Star — Weird as all get out!

Gavin is mysterious..he can’t go out during the night.. so Taylor gives him the key.

 Okay if you like some good (cough…cough…) sex then you might like this book. Notice the book cough cough because I can’t tell you the mystery that you find out on page 1. All 9 pages was just strange and I have to tell you I was sort of kind of glad to be done with it… Not for me!

Stolen Innocence by Elle Jay

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So I feel really bad giving this a low rating but I think that with a 16 page book it is important to get to the plot. By the time I got there I had lost interest in the characters and what was going on the book. Sexual abuse on any child is a hard subject to write about and I applaud Elle Jay for telling this story. 3 stars only because I know if the first 5 pages were not so Boring that I would have probably loved the book.

Touch by Lucia Jordan

Free on Amazon: Click Here

Another short story; that just ends.

I like the concept of the short story. I think that Kelly’s tales of the other woman were quite funny. Especially the old lady who yells but never calls the cops, and princess the cat she inherited. It is just another work/office romance that somehow I totally missed it turned into BDSM. Not quite what I thought. 2 stars for good writing and for a quick read. I probably won’t bother with the rest.

Nobody Can Take My Happy Away by Jessica Arnold

$2.99 on Amazon: Click Here 

Five Star Read.. As the synopsis says a story about bullying written by a child. Jessica Arnold did an excellent job writing this story and the pictures were pretty cute too. I love the message of the story and will definitely be reading this to my nieces and nephews because the message about bullying is powerful.

The Elusive “O” by Renee Rose 

Free on Amazon: Click Here

Okay, There was some spanking in this book..and some spanking.. and oops a hot guy who works for Gentex.. A dinner affair. It was all over the place. Not bad but definitely not my favorite. Too short and I think that there was a good story in there somewhere. It was free so 2 stars is what I can give it.

Today was a Quick Read Day..

#Notagoodone. #OperationCleantheKindle.

Peace and Love

**The Book Junkie**

By Eastern Windows by Gretta Curran Browne



While this story is not normally something that I would entertain I found this book heartwarming and real. I liked the characters.  I liked the story and most of all I liked the book. This book was free on Amazon and definitely outside my genre and typical reads. I am glad that I challenged myself to step outside the box and take a chance to read this heartwarming story of love, loss, and war.

Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec



5 I almost fell out of my chair laughing Stars.

This book was hilarious. Even sitting here writing this review I am laughing at the book because it was brilliantly written and just plain funny but the story along with it was great! Claire was in college looking for her future when one night she decided she was going to do the deed. Once she’d done it her life changed forever! The thing was while there was a true moral to the story it was so funny that I felt as though I would literally fall out of my chair laughing while reading it. Carter was brilliant and every other character in the story had a place and made me die. (I seriously laughed so hard at times my husband woke up and asked me if I was okay!)

Go read it .. It has sex… and chocolate. You won’t be disappointed.

Peace and Love **The Book Junkie**

Myriah by Claudette Williams



3 Stars!

I am not sure why I am writing an official review on this book. I finished reading it about a week ago and without notes and highlights I forgot what I did or did not like about the book. It was not memorable and while I did like the story it left no memories good or bad with me. So while I think that deserves less than 3 stars I am going to go ahead a rate up because I finished it. Because in 1978 when it was first published the book probably made sense and it is not fair to rate this book with lower stars when I just got done reading another great book and was still on a high from finishing that one.

Peace and Love **The Book Junkie**

Shadows (Lux 0.5)



5 I am freakin’ heartbroken Stars.

This was totally not what I was expecting. A Lux, a bunch of teens, some hot guys, I did not really know what I was getting myself into when I read this book. Let me tell you it was Great! I have not read the rest of the series in the book and after reading all the rules I am pretty glad that I got to read this one first. This book had everything from true character development, relationship building, and some true drama.  Now I am pretty excited to read the next one in the series because I am excited to read more about Daemon.

Dawson was a miracle boy. (That is what I call him because in my eyes anyone including us readers) who got to charm us during this book. So we meet Dawson who is the triplet brother to Daemon and Dee and we learn of his charming relationship with Dee. The only problem I had with this (and you can see by the stars it was not really a problem) is that Dee fell really fast. Maybe he charmed her like he did me.

Well I loved the book so much.. but the ENDING. I can’t tell you because I will spoil it but THE ENDING.. Did I say The Ending? Go read it and get to the Ending and you will know why I am devastated .. For real, maybe you found out in the rest of the series but no one warned me.. I wasn’t prepared. A week later and I am still upset over this.

The Ruby Brooch by Katherine Lowry Logan


The Ruby Brooch — Katherine Lowry Logan – 2 Stars.

I was not as impressed as many other reviewers with this book although I do believe that it deserved at least 2 stars because it was really well written. I think I had a hard time getting to know the characters. While they were developed great I felt that they were ot people that I would like. I have a love/hate relationship with time travel books and this one just happened to be on the latter side of the relationship. I found myself putting the book down several times and even thought about a DNF which is so unlike me. I am giving it 2 stars.

Peace and Love **The Book Junkie**